We have a rhythm of life across the UK that focuses in on holidays, events, the seasons. We’re always gearing up to the next thing – right now we’re all ready for Easter, and for the coming of spring!

Believe it or not, our ability to share Jesus isn’t dependent on the calendar. We’re not better at sharing Jesus on a Sunday or special holiday than we are on a Tuesday lunch break. Our ability to share Jesus is entirely dependent on our certainty and joy that Jesus has saved us, His spirit is within us, and He longs for others to come to know him too.

That said, our friends and family may be more aware of Jesus around particular events in the Christian calendar, such as Easter and Christmas. These can be great times to open up discussions about life, faith, fulfilment, and the real person of Jesus.

Our Talking Jesus research, which we conducted with the church of England and HOPE, found that inviting people who don’t know Jesus to an event or to church was really influential on people’s journey to faith. As we head towards Easter, and then to Pentecost and on into summer, have you thought about the events you can be putting on to invite your friends to?

As followers of Jesus, we want to be equipped to share him in every season. We want to be ready and willing to make the most of every opportunity to share our faith, whether that be through inviting a colleague to church, sharing Jesus around the Christmas dinner table, or even sending a Bible to a friend in hard times.

While we plan for the rhythm of mission across the UK church, let’s also be celebrating the victories of big conversations where we see friends grappling with tough questions and exploring who Jesus is, and thanking God for the little day-to-day moments. Sharing Jesus isn’t always about a full apologetics discussion, sometimes it’s just a hug, being distinct in the work place, or getting up early to run with friends.

Whatever a rhythm of sharing Jesus may look like in your life, whatever you’re doing, saying, sharing in the normal every day, find out how the calendar can help you make the most of talking Jesus.

Find out more about the rhythm of mission here: hopeto​geth​er​.org​.uk/​r​h​y​t​h​m​o​f​m​i​ssion.