Belonging: we belong to God in Christ Jesus

July / August 2018

Opportunity amid uncertainty

Discipleship/Opportunity amid uncertainty

Let's be ever bold in spreading the gospel, seizing opportunities, in these uncertain times

Created for relationship

Discipleship/Created for relationship

Surely there's more we can do to develop meaningful relationships with others

Making church more accessible

Church/Making church more accessible

Check out four tips for making your church more accessible

In depth
In the heart of the inner city

Church/In the heart of the inner city

How are two churches connected with their cosmopolitan communities?

Languages of Love

Mission/Languages of Love

Linguæ Christi has taken on the challenge to share the gospel in people's heart language



Let's respond with compassion, clarity and humility to the complexities surrounding gender identity

Caribbean communities’ contribution to the UK

Society/Caribbean communities’ contribution to the UK

Amid the 70th anniversary of Windrush, Dr R. David Muir talks challenge, resilience and hope

Welcomed into divine community

Theology/Welcomed into divine community

Through Jesus, God has provided a way for humanity to return to Him

A small charity with a big vision

Mission/A small charity with a big vision

Charity Home for Good urges Christians to consider adopting or fostering vulnerable children

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