Onwards: Brave next steps

November / December 2020

Responding in recovery

Church/Responding in recovery

The recovery from the coronavirus pandemic will be long and tough for many. Our new resource can help you offer much-needed support

Facing facts and shaping the future

Mission/Facing facts and shaping the future

If Christian leadership rises to the challenge of encouraging social and business entrepreneurship for employment, it'll play an important role through and beyond the pandemic

In depth
Let's pray every step of the way

Prayer/Let's pray every step of the way

Prayer is not an optional extra; it is a vital lifeline that we all need if we are to carry Jesus’ presence and minister comfort, hope and healing in these challenging times

Digital church: five lessons from lockdown

Church/Digital church: five lessons from lockdown

I believe the church will need to now fully adopt the ‘click and the brick’ model as we walk through these unusual days

Mark PughMark Pugh in Church
Nov 2
Rising above the storm

Mission/Rising above the storm

Amid this crisis we have two options: serve, extend and grow, or conserve, insulate and protect – where do we stand?

A bond of common humanity

Unity/A bond of common humanity

As we continue to work towards greater ethnic diversity and integration in the church and wider society, what might we keep in mind?

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