Are these just nice words

to keep my soul at ease

while I float through space like


an open sea?

I’m hopeless searching for this hope in me,

anchored to the sea but my boat’s

been breached

I’m the captain of the ship

but my sail’s been ripped

and my crew mates dipped yeah,

I’m lonely, at the surface of the sea

where I’m barely breathing and the

temperatures dropping below freezing.

I see a sea of people

a city of lost sheep

I see they’re feeble

I see a thousand tears from the broken

I see a steeple

I see hope in the beacon of light that shines

in the darkest night

That’s the reason

we gotta’ speak louder

then we ever been speaking

there’s a cry inside the people

and it’s digging even deeper

and they’re walking even closer

to the ocean

and its funny cos the sea

means two things

you either getting baptised or you capsize

and that’s just life

either you sink or swim

No one knows the day no one knows the hour

are we covered by grace,

when the Son for the second time comes?

Are brave or do we cower,

Are we Abel or Cain?

Are we able to say that walk in his power?

You seen the price that he paid?

Laid down his life

A king become slave

That’s the God I serve

From my first to my dying days

Fulfils that deep thirst that the world

still craves

We all have worth call that imago Dei

by His Word that’s the son He gave

the meaning of life ain’t the car

that you drive

or the job that you hold

and don’t search inside

for the purpose is greater

then what we keep in our minds

we got a heart so dark

but a spark so light

we got a storm so big

but a God so kind

we a got a truth so rich

we can’t basket this light.