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Medics on a mission

We’re doctors and nurses on call to share God’s justice, says CMF's Dr Mark Pickering

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Dr Mark Pickering assumed his role as chief executive officer of the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) in March this year, after God made it clear to him that he was to relocate from Yorkshire to London to strengthen the vital network of Christian medical professionals who serve vulnerable populations in the UK and overseas.

In many ways, and despite logisticalcchallenges, this opening couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for him and the growing evangelical healthcare community. No stranger to the Evangelical...

Now, as CMF celebrates its 70th birthday, and Mark continues to set in place the building blocks that will underpin the next season of this Christian medical ministry, Mark shares his heart’s...

How did you come to work in prisons and for marginalised and vulnerable groups?

My wife Rachael and I grew up in Yorkshire, coming to London for medical school and then GP training. As GPs we both found opportunities to work in secure environments – Rachael in police...

I spent seven years working as a GP in various prisons in Yorkshire, whilst Rachael started a medical nongovernmental organisation called Integritas Healthcare, specialising in offender...

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