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Our ever-present hope

How can the church offer hope in a chaotic world searching for certainty? asks Danny Webster

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Christian hope is rooted in the resurrection of Jesus and the promise of eternal life with Him. It is not about present circumstances or what is currently in fashion or causing consternation to society. The hope that we have is the grounding for our lives, and the basis on which we can offer hope to society.

In challenging and uncomfortable times, this should bring comfort because we know that God is not fazed by the circumstances we are facing. We can look to history and remember that the church...

We can look to the church across the world which experiences persecution for their faith. In the three years since the vote in June 2016 to leave the European Union, politics has been dominated...

The relative stability of British politics has been overturned with resignations and defections. We have seen the rise and fall of political parties seeking to step into the gaps created. The...

The story we are told by the world is defined by winners and losers, success and failure, seeming chaos and the search for certainty. The extraordinary political moves of recent years have...

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