Fred Drummond, director of Evangelical Alliance Scotland, has written this prayer for you or your church to use, as we celebrate all that God has done over the past year and anticipate all that’s to come this year.

Lord, we look back to last year.
Thank you for every sign of your grace.
For every life transformed.
For every broken life healed.
Every lost person found.
Every one far off brought near.
Every sinner saved.

Lord it is all about you
Your grace,


Lord, this year we pray for:
greater love for the lost,

Help your Church rise up to seize the day
believing that there are no no-go” areas for you Lord.
No people that cannot be reached.
No chains that cannot be broken.

So Lord, send us into this year
longing for your presence and for your glory to fall anew.
Igniting us with an unquenchable flame.
Bringing light, hope and love wherever you send us.

In Jesus’ name