Police officers are under an immense amount of pressure as they work around the clock to enforce social distancing measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus as well as carry out their other duties.

They subsequently face long tours of duty and cancelled rest days, all the while carrying the same concerns about their health that everyone else does. Yet, they are still out on the streets of the UK every day, 24/7, supporting the coronavirus response and protecting our communities. 

We at the Christian Police Association (CPA) are asking that you join us in the following prayer for the UK’s police force:


Lord, please protect all those in the NHS and all those working tirelessly to save lives. Please give them the skills, resilience and resources to care for the sick. Please give them the wisdom and knowledge needed to search for a cure. Strengthen them, that through their work many will be restored to health. Please comfort those who are sick or suffering and those who have lost colleagues or loved ones – may they find comfort and healing.

Let our communities support the police and NHS in helping to save lives by observing the restrictions that we currently face. Let everyone know and support the fact that the police are from, and of, the community; and encourage them to help the police with these restrictions, seeing that doing so will help the NHS to save lives.

Please support all the police family – officers, staff and their loved ones. Please support our CPA members, friends and community partners. We thank them for their continued mutual support in bringing the message, truth and hope of the gospel to all we meet during the difficult and unprecedented times we are in. 


The Christian Police Association, a registered UK charity, has provided both spiritual and practical support to the policing family – followers of all faiths and none – since it was founded in 1883. During the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to support the policing family, covering 95 per cent of UK police service areas. The majority of our local leaders are serving officers – on the frontline and helping the NHS to save lives.