Wales is the land of revival, a place where God has undoubtedly blessed and been visible powerfully. The power of the Welsh revival is most clearly visible in this, sinners had their eternal destination changed when they found Jesus. People received life that can only come from Jesus and that is the primary effect and joy of revival that God intervenes and brings salvation.

The lasting effects of revival was clearly visible in this when you have an encounter with Jesus that changes who you are. Following the Welsh revivals people who had been transformed lived out this transformation and the effect to Wales was a change of culture, recreation, media, careers. 

As Christians we are people who have been transformed by Jesus and so there should be something different about the way we act and behave in all areas of our life. Generally speaking, the Church by enlarge is very effective at training the next generation of leaders to serve and use the local church to reach out to the community. 

The problem churches have is training and building up leaders who work in a secular environment. The vast majority of Christians will spend most of their time at work, therefore it is essential that we equip Christians to be a positive Christian influence where they will spend most of their time. 


It is difficult to be a Christian, but how do you live out your faith when you are in a secular leadership position? What does it look like to lead by example when the standard practice? How do you deal with the tension between doing a good job and keeping your conscience clean? How can you glorify God while at the top of your particular field? These are just some of the questions that the Public Leader: Wales course will seek to address. 

Our aim is to train young Christian emerging leaders in their 20’s and 30’s who will be the next generation of leaders to think biblically about the contexts and positions that they will be in. Often for leaders there are a lot of grey areas where the Bible does not explicitly tell you how you should respond.

"The Public Leadership course will explore biblical principles to help you make informed decisions and build up a network of young and more experienced leaders."

Everyone who enrols onto the Public Leadership course will be assigned a Christian mentor who will be able to discuss issues specific to you and your field of work.

Serving God is not limited to those who work for a Church or Christian organisation. We believe that Christians who are striving to model out Jesus can only be beneficial to change culture, science, technology, politics, media, business and so on. God does not only call Pastors and Church workers to work for him, wherever field God has placed you in or skills he has equipped you with can all be used to bring Glory to God.

Throughout the Bible God has called men and women to high profile public positions and through them working in a non-Christian setting richly blessed the Church and the societies they were in.

To name but two of the Biblical figures we will examine on the course Joseph who found himself in a culture that rejected God. We will examine Joseph as he was imprisoned for making a positive stand to follow God in rejecting the advances of Potiphar’s wife. Ultimately God used Joseph to serve in a high profile position and organise the strongest nation on earth to prevent the mass starvation of thousands of people.

Another great example was Esther who showed her faith by making a stand for what she believed against the most powerful ruler in the world at that time. Esther made this public stand as a young girl in a toxic societal norm where women were treated as objects with very little respect. Despite these great challenges she was able to make huge positive change and rescue the Jewish people from genocide.

As Christians our entire life should be service and worship to God not just how we serve in Church but how we conduct ourselves in work. God has used people in the past to do amazing things. The Public Leader: Wales course will seek to train and encourage young leaders to use the gifts that God has given them to glorify him in any leadership position he places us in.

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