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Public policy Wales update: March 2019

A Christian reaction to the death of Paul Flynn

This month we were greeted with the sad news that long serving Labour MP Paul Flynn had passed away.

Paul Flynn was first elected as an MP in 1987 representing Newport West, where he diligently served as an MP for over three decades. He was described by one Labour MP as a, kind, principled and fascinating man”. The Prime Minister also commented saying he was an outstanding parliamentarian”.

As Christians we should have a strong pastoral love and care for people and their families in times like these. We should be praying that Paul Flynn’s family and friends as they mourn and reflect on the impactful life of their loved one.

This is also a reminder that politicians are first and foremost people, so often we pray for the political office they hold and not for the person themselves. All our leaders and politicians are ultimately people with the same emotions, stresses and difficulties that we face. When we pray for those in Westminster, Senedd and our local politicians lets remember them as people are under a lot of pressure with a very large responsibility.


In the upcoming weeks and months there will be a by-election in Newport West which is a very practical situation we should be praying for. We should be praying that God will raise up a leader who will fairly, justly and compassionately represent the constituency. We can also pray for clarity for political parties as they undergo their selection processes and for residents as they decide on who to cast their vote for.

About the author

Sam joined the Evangelical Alliance in September 2018 as the Public policy officer for Wales, he also serves as a County Councillor in Swansea. Prior to working for the Evangelical Alliance Sam has worked for both a Welsh Member of Parliament and an Assembly Member. He graduated from Cardiff University with a Certificate of Higher Education in Religious and Theological Studies before graduating with a degree in theology from Union School of Theology. Sam is married to Jess and is a deacon at his local church.

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