The Scottish Labour Party (Labour) is a centre-left party that traditionally supports labour rights. The party is opposed to a second independence referendum and the idea of independence. 

Since the foundation of the party in 1900, it has enjoyed strong support in Scotland; the first two devolved governments in Scotland have been led by Labour. Since 2007, Labour has slowly declined as the SNP has continued to gain support; now, the party is the third largest in the Scottish Parliament and has fewer MPs in Westminster than the SNP, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Anas Sarwar is the leader of Labour in Scotland, having been elected in the 2021 Labour leadership race. Standing in the constituency of Glasgow Southside, he aims to unseat First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who is the incumbent in this seat.



The Labour plan for rebuilding is built around five key themes: jobs, the NHS, education, community, and climate. Beyond this, their policies include:

  • an economic recovery plan with workers and businesses at the centre;
  • a plan to guarantee job or training opportunities following the pandemic;
  • a restart/​transition fund to support small businesses; and
  • the creation of a community recovery fund to invest in local areas.


Scottish Labour have made a number of environmental pledges as part of their election campaign, which include:

  • investing in efficiency measures for homes across Scotland;
  • implementing a green recovery plan and protecting the jobs and communities impacted by the transition to net-zero;
  • developing a coherent biodiversity action plan; and
  • creating a national energy company to direct and invest in domestic green energy.


Information on the Labour Party’s plans and position around freedom of expression and the church will be added as new information is released.


Scottish Labour plan to support diversion policies that prevent vulnerable drug users being exposed to unnecessary court action.


The Labour Party in Scotland aim to tackle poverty in Scotland through: 

  • guaranteed jobs for young Scottish people;
  • ending insecure work; 
  • fully recognising trade unions;
  • raising all salaries to the real living wage; and
  • and doubling the Scottish Child Payment to tackle child poverty.


Scottish Labour aim to restore the connections between the police and local communities, ending further centralisation of justice.