Nadina Mary Devabalan shares her story of how food and faith can change lives in an extract from Simply Eat, a collection of stories about meeting Jesus around food.

I love making fruit salad for dessert. Sometimes I make it for my family when my dad comes home from work. Our neighbour often pops round for a snack. My Divine Fruit Salad is a great way for me to tell others what Jesus means to me.

To make a Divine Fruit Salad, begin with a smile. 


When our neighbour comes round, my smile is long as the Nile. 

He pulls up a chair and enquires about our day. 

I reply, It was good, but only because we prayed!’ 

As I bring out a bowl and begin to prepare my fruits 

I explain to my neighbour how the Bible is the truth. 

I start to peel my bananas of self-control 

And tell my neighbour how God cleansed my soul. 

I top, tail and wash my strawberries clean 

Telling how God grows us from as small as a bean. 

I start to slice my apple of peace thin 

And explain how God brought us out from sin. 

Then I collect my cherries of gentleness and grapes of good 

And feel bubbly for by my side God has stood. 

I begin to peel and slice my kiwis of kindness 

And explain that only God can deliver us from our blindness. 

Then I core and chop my patient pears 

And explain to my neighbour that God really cares. 

Next, I chop my joyful jackfruit 

And tell him God is my firm root. 

A drop of my favourite faithful juice I add 

And tell my neighbour how God makes me glad! 

Finally, I mix up the fruits in the bowl 

Give my neighbour a serving, refreshing his soul! 

He takes a bite and smiles in delight. 

He tells me he tastes Jesus’ light! 

O what a glorious night! 

Jesus in me has burned bright! 

Simply Eat is a coffee table book designed to inspire Christians to share Jesus around food.

From a BAFTA award-winning writer to a former Hindu priest, and from a poetic schoolgirl to a celebrity chef, Simply Eat is an inspirational collection of stories and recipes celebrating the power of food and faith.

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