Christians are being encouraged to reach out to their neighbours of all religious beliefs and backgrounds with the good news of Jesus.

The Evangelical Alliance has published The World on our Doorstep, a book written to equip and inspire mission and engagement with other faiths. Authored by Dewi Hughes, who was Tearfund’s theological advisor for nearly two decades, the book mixes practical examples with pastoral advice for working alongside people becoming Christians from other faith backgrounds. 

In the forward to the book Steve Clifford, general director of the Evangelical Alliance, said: Growing up I heard about Hudson Taylor, Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, and countless others who were heroes of our faith. I look forward to sharing stories of new heroes who commit their lives to telling their neighbours from diverse beliefs and backgrounds that Jesus’ good news is for them, and trusting in Him who brings salvation and abundant life. 

It is time for us to reach the world on our doorstep.”


Engaging with people of other faiths is an essential task for Christians in the UK. Reaching out to people in our neighbourhoods with the good news of Jesus always requires that we have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved, and this is particularly true with people from other faiths.

Religion is increasing in significance across the world and our work places, schools and neighbourhoods will bring us into contact with people of all faiths and none. This book equips Christians to do engage with those of other faiths wisely, demonstrating the love and good news of Jesus.

The World on our Doorstep provides a clear theological basis for mission to people of other religious groups, and some of the key challenges that will have to be navigated. In a practical way, Dewi Hughes considers some of the pastoral issues for churches as they welcome people from other faiths with case studies from across the UK to inspire and encourage.

The book was launched at a sold out event held by the Evangelical Alliance’s South Asian Forum in conjunction with Global Connections and London City Mission.