Are you a Christian young adult who thinks theologically about the contemporary world? Or, do you know someone who fits that description?

Applications are now being accepted for Theology Slam, a new competition that aims to find 18- to 30-year-old believers who think the way Jesus does about the issues facing people today, such as mental health, artificial intelligence and the gig economy.

The contest, which has been endorsed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will see lay or ordained entrants try to make it through two rounds of thought-provoking and character-building exercises in a bid to win £200 worth of books and have their competition entry published in the Church Times.

Archbishop Justin Welby commented: All of us are theologians. The minute we say something about God, we are speaking theology. Young voices, unheard voices, need to be nurtured in the practice of reflecting on faith and the wider world, and this event will do just that. I encourage applications and look forward to reading the winning entries.” 


The deadline for submissions is just before midnight on Friday, 7 December, and the organisers of Theology Slam (the Church Times, SCM Press, the Community of St Anselm, and the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity) encourage those who would like to take part to find out more and apply.