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I went to university more years ago than I care to remember. As I entered the legal profession after uni, life was good. Economically, my friends were easily finding jobs with clear long-term futures. Politically, it was the time of Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and the Good Friday Agreement. The general attitude amongst my non-Christian friends was: if you want to follow Jesus that’s fine, but I don’t need Him. Twenty years ago the world felt a lot more politically and economically certain.

Today we live in a world of much greater uncertainty, chaos and fear. Few are saying that life is good, economically or politically. A job for life is a thing of the past. Politics changes by...

Faith in crisis?

My dad recently suffered a severe stroke. We were on holiday in Canada at the time and had to rush home as he was put into an induced coma. On the flight home I wrote my notes for the funeral....

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