Evangelical Alliance launches new season of podcast on what it means to be human

Today, the Evangelical Alliance is launching the third season of the Being Human podcast, part of its project to inspire everyday Christians to understand, articulate and participate in the biblical vision of humanity.

The podcast, hosted by Evangelical Alliance directors Jo Frost and Peter Lynas, engages with leading stories in culture with the aim of living out and conveying the good news of Jesus. Listeners have called the podcast “an absolute must for Christians trying to navigate life in the 21st century”.

Peter Lynas, UK director at the Evangelical Alliance, says: “We are really excited to launch a series of interviews in this third season. From Afghanistan to Covid, the question of what it means to be human is as relevant as ever. Culture is changing faster than ever before, and we wanted to sit down and hear from those on the front line. We had some great chats and got some fantastic wisdom which we can’t wait to share.”

In this latest interview season, Jo and Peter are in conversation with leading thinkers, practitioners and cultural commentators, exploring current topics such as identity, online discourse, art, desire and sexuality. Guests include artist and activist Hannah Rose Thomas and academic Carl Trueman whose book The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self has become very influential.

Listeners say the podcast “helps develop our Christian mind” and enables them to “feel equipped and confident in the story we proclaim and live out”. The podcast had more than 11,000 downloads over the last year, and in its first season it hit the top five in religion and spirituality on iTunes.

The first episode and interview with author Karen Swallow Prior is available now, and host Peter Lynas is available for interview, live or pre-recorded. New episodes will be released every Thursday. The podcast is part of the Evangelical Alliance’s wider three-year Being Human project.

To find out more and listen to the Being Human podcast, which is freely available, go to: eauk.org/being-human-the-interviews


Peter Lynas is available for interview upon request. For more information, interview or photo requests please contact Helen Locke (h.locke@eauk.org, 07920117595).

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