Engage's new handbook, 7 Reasons Your church Needs More Men, explains the problems and solutions for us all.

There’s a 2 men: 3 women ratio in the church. For men, there’s a massive need for more effective evangelism and discipleship. For women, 2 million must decide — marry a non-Christian or stay single and childless? For children, only 16 per cent of today’s church’s grandchildren will have two Christian parents

Not only does it show how to change the church gender imbalance, it also shows the impact on wellbeing and relationships, giving lots of essential practical advice and resources if you’re single, dating, married or a parent/​youthworker.

This very practical resource shows why is there a church gender imbalance and what we can all do to change it. It also explains the impact of the imbalance on our well-being and relationships, with lots of essential advice and resources for individuals and churches on how to make our singleness, dating, marriage, parenting and youthwork as healthy as possible. 

Written by experts in their fields, blending practical tools, research and theology, the book gives an exciting positive vision for our lives and the Kingdom, in this generation and the future.

Available on Amazon, by The Engage Network. Contributors include Care for the Family, Christian Vision for Men, Ridley Hall Theological College, New Wine, Youth for Christ, Marriage Foundation, 2-in-2 – 1.

A vital subject and a key resource.” Steve Clifford, General director, Evangelical Alliance

Of supreme importance for us all.” Nicky & Sila Lee, The Marriage Courses

An invaluable resource for individuals and churches.” Sue Monkton-Rickett, Chair, Association of Christian Counsellors 

I implore you to not only read it, but consider…your part of being the solution” Carl Beech, President, Christian Vision for Men

Joined up thinking and brilliant material…to effectively reach this next generation.” Neil O’Boyle, Director, British Youth for Christ