We Are Tearfund have created a set of group sessions that help youth and young adults to connect with their global neighbours and use their skills to make a positive contribution to the world.

Together Groups are a way of gathering young people together, helping them work out their skills and guiding them to positively impact people living in poverty. They consist of a personality quiz and multimedia resources including videos and session guides and can be used by any kind of group — friends, students, youth, families etc.

It all starts with an interactive quiz, prompting you to answer a series of questions that connect your skills with God’s story. Once completed, You’ll get one of 11 personas based on your personality type and a description of how to play your part in eradicating extreme poverty. 

From there, you can use one of four session guides that help you apply the skills associated with your persona in a way that will have a positive impact on our global neighbours. The sessions focus on fashion, waste, education, and hunger and include group games, Bible studies, prayer activities and more.