Christian Hope International was born out of the pain and suffering that occurred during the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

Working directly through the Anglican church at Parish level we aim to share the love of God by responding to local needs, we send funds to support a variety of community projects to improve the lives of those in need. 

Current projects include improving health through the provision of medication and treated mosquito nets, supporting nurses for church run clinics and initiatives for the provision of safe water, providing livestock and agricultural tools to families in need to improve nutrition and help in the move towards self-sufficiency, improving education through child sponsorship, school refurbishment, the provision of materials, uniforms and equipment to individuals and schools, spiritual assistance through the provision of bibles, bikes for pastors and support for youth mission. 

We received this letter from Paul Kyabadyayo in June 2018:

I am writing to convey my heartfelt appreciation to your organisation for the assistance in forms of water tanks, pupils’ uniforms, teachers’ lunches, vacuum flasks and sugar for pupils’ porridge that you gave our school through Patrick Ssimba.

This assistance has already made a positive impact in the school as indicated below;

  • i) The provision of teachers’ lunches has boosted their morale hence increased devotion to work
  • ii) the water tanks have improved general sanitation
  • iii) The provision of sugar in pupils’ porridge has helped to check our pupils’ absenteeism and has attracted more pupils in school.
  • iv) The provision of school uniforms will improve our sanitisation and safety of our pupils.

In the end I expect improved academic performance and an increase in enrolment.”