Xee is a 12-week DVD resource from Evangelism Explosion.

This resource introduces key skills such as learning how to connect with people, establishing quality relationships and how to share the Gospel through dialogue that is not confrontational. It sparks interest in spiritual matters by easily moving from secular conversation to discussions about Jesus, God and faith. 

Participants learn a gospel presentation that is powerful and yet simple enough to understand while discovering how to share the doctrines of salvation in every-day language. They also learn to write their salvation story that friends or contacts can identify with. 

Xee aids sharing faith in Christ, while showing Christ in us. It gently introduces people into their own personal relationship with Him.

Xee helps make discipleship follow-up easy, because people are already interested in connecting with church as they come to an understanding of what it means to commit their lives to Jesus.

Join us for an Xee Facilitators’ Training Course near you. For more information contact info@​ee-​gb.​org.​uk.