A visa gives you entry...

A visa allows us to go into a country, to look around, to observe the culture and the way people do things, to ask questions and to understand the language. The Visa Course is written to help students, who are not from the UK, to begin to understand the Christian faith and what Christians believe. 

The Visa Course is a 10 week course that introduces Christianity in simple English. It efficiently navigates culturally sensitive issues, and difficult words, to open up the Bible and Jesus.

The Course has a book for both students and course leaders, and each week covers topics such as How do we know there is a God?’, Why do we read the Bible?’ and What could it mean to follow Jesus?’

In the very first Visa Course we ran, back in 1999, a Taiwanese girl became a Christian! She visited recently and told us two members of her family are now also believers! She is attending church back home and is still growing in Christ!”