OAC Ministries is all about taking the good news of the love of God to where the people are using many creative ways to share the gospel. 

OAC Ministries are part of Open Air Campaigners International, a worldwide interdenominational mission.

They are best known for the sketchboard as a creative way to get people’s attention and interest as evangelists share the gospel. However they also use other creative methods such as escapology, conjuring tricks and vinyls to engage people.

As well as doing evangelism’ OAC Ministries are keen to train, equip and encourage individuals and churches. They run two training courses called Streetwise” each year to train street preachers and can put together bespoke training if requested. They also run mission weeks, welcoming others to join the team.

Many OAC evangelists have extensive schools ministries delivering fresh and attention-grabbing collective worship. We also run an annual training week for schools ministry.

I really thank God for the courage and professionalism of OAC. At All Souls, we’re desperate to proclaim Christ on the streets of our parish and in the centre of a world capital, and a major reason that we feel able to do this is because of the training and leadership we’ve received from OAC.” – Rev Rico Tice, All Souls, Langham Place, London