Off The Fence is a charity founded in 1997 with a vision to end poverty in all forms around Brighton and Hove.

It operates the following three projects which provide life-saving support and care for the most vulnerable individuals in the area.

Antifreeze supports those who have struggled with life-destroying addictions, mental health issues, job loss, family breakdown, violence and bereavement which have led to homelessness. 

Other projects from Off the Fence include Gateway which supports women from many different backgrounds who find themselves overwhelmed by their circumstances and struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, domestic violence and abusive relationships. 

The schools and youth team support young people aged 5 – 18, offering activities aimed to equip young people to deal with difficulties later in life, helping students to grow in confidence and prevent them from entering a life of addiction. 

All of Off The Fence’s work is focused on seeing vulnerable people’s lives changed and turned around. 

One of our clients, Dale, has accessed our services for some time now. In recent times, we have seen dramatic changes in his life. The Christmas before last he was rough sleeping. With help from us and other services, Dale is in housing and was in employment. We and our supporters enabled him to do part one of the Sussex Gospel Partnership Course and gave him assistance with his alcohol issues. 

We also empowered him to become a worship leader and he has led worship for our other clients in the past. He is now looking for employment again and showing signs of progress in all areas of his life, including his walk with God that he seems to see effects everything else.” — Steve Brunton, Antifreeze manager