Plough Publishing House, founded in 1920, is an independent publisher of books on faith, society, and the spiritual life.

We have branches in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. We also publish Plough Quarterly, a bold new magazine of stories, ideas, and culture to inspire faith and action. In addition, we serve up fresh views and insights daily online.

Plough has always aspired to be more than just another publisher – our goal is to help build a worldwide network of writers, readers and doers who, while belonging to diverse traditions, share a common conviction: that faith has the power to transform every aspect of life. 

Plough is the publishing house of the Bruderhof, an international movement of Christian communities whose members are called to follow Jesus together in the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount and of the first church in Jerusalem, sharing all our talents, income, and possessions.

In an age of focus groups and armchair think tank policy white papers, Plough Quarterly dares to advance a visible convictional agenda. Rather than a simple stimulus to think or believe, each article moves me to do something, to be active in conviction. If you’re looking for warm fuzzies, read normal stuff; if you want life-changing thoughtful analysis that challenges prejudice and orthodoxy, you’ll devour Plough Quarterly.”