Is your church one of the 25 per cent that has already adopted a Drugs Policy? If it isn’t, Hope UK can help.

Hope UK is a Christian Drug Education Charity. Our mission is to equip young people to make drug-free choices and our vision is to see young people living confidently as Christians, free from drugs. We achieve this via our network of Voluntary Drug Educators (OCN Accredited), who deliver workshops in schools, churches etc. and from stands in town centres or in libraries.

We also equip young people to make drug-free choices, by equipping key people around them, whether that be parents, carers, youth workers etc. With this in mind, Hope UK has written a Drugs Policy for churches that will allow your church to think about how it engages with the issue of drugs and alcohol whilst still achieving the core mission of your church.

The Developing a Drugs Policy’ document will get you thinking, amongst other things:

• Who should be involved in the policy

• Why you need a drugs policy

• Which drugs should be covered in the drugs policy

• When you’ll involve the police

• How you’re going to record incidents

If you want to receive the Developing a Drugs Policy’ document, at no cost to you, and if you want to bolster your church’s ability to reach the difficult to reach’, whilst ensuring that the church is operating within the law, please contact Hope UK: enquiries@​hopeuk.​org or 020 7928 0848.

A good Drugs Policy allows a church to pursue its key missions, and gives church members, staff and volunteers confidence as they do their work, as it provides a framework which ensures that drug related issues are dealt with fairly and legally. 25 per cent of churches are already engaging with this, and the Developing a Drugs Policy’ document gives a clear road map for the 75 per cent of churches that haven’t yet engaged.” — Joe Griffiths, deputy CEO, Hope UK