John is a church consultant and trainer who champions the ministry of creative organisation.

John seeks to resource and encourage Christian leaders, managers, trustees, planners, communicators and administrators. He is passionate about helping the church to become effective for Christ in all is seeks to be and do.

His website explains what he offers in consultancy and training for churches, leaders and administrators of all kinds. But it also includes a wealth of material on practical administration and operations.

The Resources section includes:

  • almost 50 major Articles on a wide variety of organisational issues impacting churches and missions;
  • well over 100 sets of Training Notes, five-minute reads on aspects of running a church;
  • detailed Health-checks written for churches, mission agencies and individual Christian administrators.

All are free-of-charge. There are indexes for items by code number, by alphabetical order, by topic and by theme.

Follow John on Twitter @johnnvtruscott.

I have personally found John to be an exceptional source of wise counsel and advice.” - Church of England Bishop

I cannot put into words the gratitude we feel to the Lord for sending you at just the right time — your report guides us clearly through our underlying issues and gives us a pathway forward.” - mission agency trustee

I have just read through your latest article — it’s a great piece of work! Really helpful. I simply don’t know how you manage to be quite so productive … and clear.” - theological college principal