This free resource entitled, George Müller and His 10,000 Children’ is a booklet filled with comics, maps and facts that is perfect for children of Primary School ages in a variety of settings. Whether it is used in the classroom, Sunday Schools or independent working, children will have fun learning about what life as an orphan in Victorian times was like. 

This resource gives children a brilliant insight into the historical context of Müller’s story and is easily incorporated into the key stage 1 and 2 Curriculum. This booklet also contains original extracts from Müller’s narratives and a Bristol newspaper reporting on his funeral. These features help children to engage with the character of this amazing man whose life of faith helped shape the city of Bristol as we know it today. 

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This resource has proved to be very popular with primary school teachers, Sunday Schools and families. We have sent many copies out to school classes to accompany their studies into the life of George Müller and the Victorian era which have been well received. 

It is a joy to be able to share the true story of a man who stood firm in his faith to challenge the social norms of his society and had an immeasurable impact on the city of Bristol with children in an accessible and relatable way.” — Dan Doherty, Müllers staff team leader