New Life Wood takes lives and goods discarded by others and offers new opportunities.

Taking lives and goods that others would discard and provide the means to see those lives and goods renewed and a valued part of our community”

New Life Wood provides volunteer employment opportunities for ex-prisoners, people previously detained in mental health situations and others who have difficulty accessing the job market.

It helps improve individual self-worth and provide valuable on-site courses for volunteers including CAP Money courses, Alpha, and opportunities to learn more about the Bible.

New Life Wood enters into contracts with major house builders in the UK and local builders – and be paid to collect wood that is surplus to requirements and which would normally go into landfill.

Volunteers then sort the wood for resale, for firewood and kindling, or for chipping to make other wood based products. 

We are a Christian charity striving to make a difference in peoples lives both practically and spiritually. We work with volunteers who have been detained offenders or mental health patients and other marginalised groups to give work experience and training to increase their chances of accessing the job market and transforming their lives.” — Steve Currell, chair of New Life Wood