We live in a broken and hurting world, a world characterised by a climate of fear.

The church is called to serve that broken world, but in such a climate God’s people can also become fearful and try to hide in the shadows. God has not given us a spirit of fearfulness, but a Spirit of boldness and courage. 

Our leadership conference in 2018 explored what this might look like for every area of church life and ministry — prayer, evangelism, serving our communities, discipleship — and you can watch videos from the main sessions and download seminar audio at rela​tionalmis​sion​.org/​c​o​urage

Relational Mission is a growing family of churches committed to seeing lives and communities transformed by the grace of God all over the world. We seek to do this by recreating New Testament church life for our day; equipping every believer to be a witness to Jesus, training the next generation of leaders, starting new churches and empowering the church to meet the needs of a broken world. We highly value genuine friendships and corporate prayer as essential to fulfilling our shared mission.

The Evangelical Alliance provides a public face for the diverse evangelical Churches and other Ministries working in our nation. We are glad to identify with the Evangelical Alliance, we appreciate how it tries to graciously explain our mission and to represent the voice of Relational Mission churches including our concerns and interests to the wider society. 

Whilst not infallible, the Evangelical Alliance is reliable and thoughtful in what it says, modelling being slow to speak and quick to listen. We thank God for the work of the Evangelical Alliance going back over so many years and look to it to continue to serve the UK church for many more.”