Solas is an evangelism and evangelism training ministry based in Scotland, but working across the whole of the UK

From universities to cafes, pubs to workplaces, we aim to persuasively communicate the news of Jesus in a way that engages and answers people’s deepest questions — and train and equip Christians how to do the same.

We’re members of the Evangelical Alliance because we passionately believe in unity! Christianity disunity does tremendous damage to the gospel and is a stumbling block in the way of evangelism. We also believe that focussing on evangelism is a great way to unite Christians — when we focus on what CS Lewis called Mere Christianity, the gospel that we have in common, rather than the denomination differences that divide, evangelism is so much more effective.

I was struggling with many questions about my faith, my church, my personal life. I have had answers, avenues to explore and light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you this amazing video resource you’ve sent me.”