Most churches want to provide excellent pastoral care and become communities where disabled people and their families can belong and contribute, but many don’t quite know where to start.

The Christian pan-disability charity Through the Roof has just released its latest publication, A Church That Cares — What does good pastoral care look like for families affected by disability? A Church that Cares is full of concrete suggestions and examples to make the task seem less daunting. 

The 32 page A4 booklet draws on the author’s own experience, and that of other disabled people and their families. It looks at the unique challenges faced by disabled people, especially those who are themselves parents, and by mothers, fathers and siblings of disabled children, as well as the disabled children themselves, and what kind of pastoral care really makes a difference. It’s an approach that’s informed and underpinned by the foundational principle of love.

Topics covered include practical, emotional and spiritual support, both within meetings and for those who are unable to get to church gatherings. It’s easier for large churches to find the human resources to support families, but this publication contains ideas for things which even small churches can do to make a real difference to families with a disabled member. The final chapter looks at caring for the care-givers, to ensure that the work of pastoral care remains effective, rewarding and sustainable. 

The publication can be ordered from https://​www​.throughtheroof​.org/​s​h​o​p​/​a​-​c​h​u​r​c​h​-​t​h​a​t​-​c​ares/ for £5 + p&p.