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One: unity in diversity - a personal journey

Read Steve Clifford's story of seeking unity in the UK church

One: unity in diversity explores the personal journey of the Evangelical Alliance's general director Steve Clifford.

One explores the challenges of unity as outworked both in his day-to-day marriage and home life, and national and international relations.

Unity is what drives him — but not just for unity’s sake. In bringing people together, we are following the John 17 mandate to show the immense love of God, who sent his son for us. We connect to a shared mission, whether it’s nurturing a church culture which is increasingly confident in the gospel, getting involved in community action or lobbying the government for a better society. 

The church is the key to long-lasting change in the world — by working in unity we can transform our communities with the good news of Jesus.

You can order your copy of One: unity in diversity — a personal journey via Amazon.

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