"This resource is designed to help you as a Christian parent or carer to have better conversations about RSE with your children at home and with their school."

Some form of relationships and sex/​sexuality education (RSE) is taught in primary and secondary schools across the United Kingdom. While schools teach children and young people some things about relationships, sex, and sexuality our culture arguably teaches them more. The smart phone in their pockets has transformed the landscape and the conversation. Social media, music, t.v. shows and pornography all communicate powerful and persuasive messages. Some of this content may be explicit, but all of it communicates implicit values about worth and dignity, the role and value of sex, bodies and human identity. 

We know that young people want to talk about these things but, let’s be honest, everyone can find the conversation awkward at times! Perhaps you cringe as you remember the sex talk’ you got in school or at home? Or maybe now as a parent you are really concerned about the headlines you’ve read about how gender identity is being taught in primary schools? Talking about sex and relationships can be challenging but silence isn’t an option.

Having better conversations will involve navigating complicated and contested issues, seeking common ground and cultivating space for distinctive beliefs and practices. 

This is about discipleship — helping our kids follow Jesus in today’s rapidly changing culture. 

This is about mission – modelling to others the good, true and beautiful story that has changed our lives. 

We can’t promise an easy or quick fix. It might take some practice and we are all learning as we go, but we can choose to see each conversation as a privilege and a gift of encounter to build trust and relationship.

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Time to Talk: Talking about our Bodies webinar series

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