"If you have met one transgender person you have met one transgender person. No two experiences are the same."

Jesus loved people and debated issues. The gospels are full of stories of all sorts of people encountering and being encountered by Jesus. He sought out some of the most marginalised of society and made time for them. His love knew no boundaries, even though He didn’t always agree with those He met.

It is important to remember that transgender is not simply an issue to be debated; it raises fundamental identity questions for people who, like all of us, need to be loved.

Transformed is designed to help the church be a place of welcome and compassion for those who are transgender and their friends and family. We want to affirm the dignity of every person and point to the radical redemption that Jesus offers all of us. It seeks to counter the cultural narrative of individualism, deconstruction and consumerism with the story of the gospel — that through Jesus we are all loved, forgiven and transformed.