Walk, Pray, Talk is a five-part resource that will help you to explore the connection between the place you inhabit in the everyday, your Christian faith and your God-given purpose as you follow Jesus into His world.

Through each of the five sessions you will explore prayer through themes of being people of God, present to God and people, participation, and caring for a place.

We really want to encourage you to get out and about praying for your local community. We believe you will thrive as God’s people, together, in your places, in a new way.

Why not use this resource during Lent?

Lent is a significant season where Christians often give something up, but this year we’re taking something on for Lent and will be using this resource to go prayer walking!

If you haven’t decided what to do for Lent yet then have a look through the resource and give prayer walking a go – it’s not too late and it’s something you could take it up at any point during Lent!

Check out the Walk, Pray, Talk booklet for prayer inspiration, and if you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you will spot a few of our staff team getting outdoors to pray for our communities each week in Lent!

"“If we are going to live as intended, which is, to the glory of God, we cannot do it abstractly or in general. We have to do it under the particularising conditions in which God works, namely – time and place – here and now.” – Eugene Peterson"

You can use this resource alongside the Walk & Pray resource.