The Evangelical Alliance’s new resource What kind of society? calls on Christians to provide a new vision and hope for our society. 

The Alliance wants Christians to speak and work for a society which is built on four principles: love, freedom, justice and truth. 

What kind of society? explores the ways Christians and churches are already working to share these values in society, as well as inspiring conversations about what the future might look like if we prioritise these values. 

Writing in the preface of the resource Dr David Landrum, director of advocacy at the Evangelical Alliance, said: Love provides the glue that holds society together. Freedom provides opportunities. Justice rights wrongs. And truth is a rock we can all build our lives upon. 

We want to see Christians speak confidently of the goodness that our faith leads to, and give voice to a vision of a society where all flourish and grow, and in which love, freedom, justice and truth are not just noble ideas but the revolutionary principles our society is built on.” 

The report also describes how Christian churches and organisations are demonstrating these values, including church responses to the Grenfell Tower disaster, ministries which help people break free of addiction and debt, and Christians who organise hustings during vital elections. 

In What kind of society? Betel UK, a Christian charity helping men and women trapped in addiction, share the story of Kim whose life was transformed when she met God: 

I came into Betel hoping to stay for two weeks to get off drugs. Fourteen years later, I’m still here! God has captured my heart and completely transformed my life. Now I live a life that was once unimaginable to me.” 

Dr Landrum added: We want to see a truly plural society in which people can live together despite their deepest differences. 

We believe this is best secured when built on a Christian vision of love, freedom, justice and truth. These foundational ideas allow people to flourish and societies to thrive. 

Christians must step up and take responsibility for the world around us. So many parts of society are calling for vision and good leadership, and we believe it is part of the outworking of the Christian faith to be public leaders working for the glory of God and the good of all.”

You can read the report at www​.eauk​.org/wkos.