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Council is made up of church leaders, heads of organisations and key influencers from across the evangelical community in the UK. Members meet twice a year to hear about and engage with the work of the Evangelical Alliance, as well as to explore the issues affecting Christians.


We've been travelling across England meeting leaders and connecting and listening to people.Our takeaway: now is the time to lean into evangelical unity. In a post-lockdown, polarised society, we understand the temptation to retreat or try to go it alone. Some leaders feel isolated, while others…

Northern Ireland

We serve and represent churches, organisations and individuals across Northern Ireland, encouraging churches to work together in evangelism and social action.We believe that together, we can see Northern Ireland transformed with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Mae’r Cynghrair Efengylaidd yng Nghymru yn uno mudiadau, eglwysi ac unigolion er mwyn yr efengyl. Trwy ymgysylltu ag aelodau ar draws yr enwadau, lleoliadau, grwpiau oedran ac ethnigrwydd, i gyd yn rhannu’r angerdd i gyhoeddi Iesu, rydyn ni’n gweithio i weld Cymru’n cael ei thrawsnewid gan efengyl…


Through making a financial contribution to the Evangelical Alliance, you not only stand with the oldest and largest evangelical unity movement in the UK, you help us stride into the future. Your support enables us to build confidence in the gospel and be a trusted voice in society as we serve the…


If you would like to give in response to a specific appeal, you can find our most recent ones listed below. Alternatively, if you wish to talk to someone about giving to one of our appeals, please call us on 020 7520 3830. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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We want to see a church that is confident in its voice and inspired in its mission so that more people in the UK come to know Jesus. Thanks to the legacy gifts of our wonderful supporters, there have been many milestones and success stories in Evangelical Alliance history - but our work is far…

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Join the largest and oldest evangelical unity movement in the UK. Uniting around our shared basis of faith, the Evangelical Alliance is made up of thousands of individuals, churches and organisations. So we make the following commitments to our members: We promise to introduce you to like-minded…


With each church that decides to stand with the Evangelical Alliance, we become more effective in speaking and acting on your behalf. As we become the answer to Jesus' prayer for a united church, we can achieve so much more together than we ever can alone. Become a member church today Becoming a…


Like the evangelicals who have gone before us – those who abolished the slave trade, those who reformed our justice system, those who championed education for all – our members are dedicated to blessing those around us as together we worship God with all that we have and all that we are. Today, it…

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Members of the Evangelical Alliance join together to affirm this vision of the world. If you're not yet a member, why not join us now?

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How do I become a member of the Evangelical Alliance? Joining the Evangelical Alliance is easy. To become an individual member click here. To become a member church click here. To become a member organisation click here. How do I renew my membership? Renewing your membership is easy. Just visit our…

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