Join us on Thursday 13 October, at 7pm as we meet for an online conversation on intercultural church

The Intercultural Church Conversation (ICC) is a series of online events to promote the significance and application of an intercultural approach to church in the UK – in a season when there is division and polarisation in both church and society.

For this session our focus is on intercultural worship and leadership.

There are three aims for the event:

1. Conviction – An intercultural approach to church is biblical and theological

2. Confidence – How to do” intercultural church (descriptive, not prescriptive) and best practices

3. Connection – Developing relationships, talking in huddle groups, and sharing where to go for further resources

Since before the death of George Floyd, a key question church leaders from a range of backgrounds wrestle with is, how can their churches and ministries reflect the multi-ethnic, multicultural characteristics that make modern Britain? From an African pastor’s perspective the question is, how can our church engage white indigenous British people? From a white British pastor’s perspective, how can our church or organisation engage black majority churches or diaspora people? From a Chinese or Brazilian pastor’s perspective, how can our churches or organisation go beyond reaching solely Chinese or Brazilian people? Added to these are questions around losing second-generation Africans, Asians and Latin Americans, as some leave the church totally while others migrate to a church that reflects the multi-ethnic make up of Britain.

"You will leave equipped with biblical convictions behind an intercultural approach to church; confidence in best practice and connections with others on the journey."

This conversation aims to help leaders, leadership teams and other Christians interested in exploring these issues to journey together.
Our speakers are: Jessie Tang, leader of Songs2Serve UK, and Anderson Moyo, Senior Leader of Sheffield Community Church

Event details

Online on Zoom
Thursday 13 October 2022 at 7 – 9pm