Equipping for local mission and evangelism to reach a culture in crisis.

It’s time to bring the hope of Jesus to our nation. The UK is still recovering from the shaking of the pandemic but now face a cost of living crisis and shockwaves from the war in Ukraine; normal” life has slipped away.

New research shows huge numbers of people in the UK are asking, “Will everything be ok?” and are more open to conversations about Jesus than they were last decade.

Church leaders are tired and church communities stretched, but now’s the time to refresh one another, dig deep and offer Jesus’ hope to the multitudes searching for answers.

Join us on Saturday, 25 March as Patrick Dixon shares with us on: Future church in a post covid world: 4 signs of the times and what they mean for mission”, unpacking cultural and spiritual shifts happening now, and how to develop your mission and evangelism as a result.

We’ll also be hearing an interview with Amy Key, a church leader in Ipswich as she shares her experience of church planting and mission in this cultural landscape. 

It’s our prayer that you’ll come away from this new Perspective conversation equipped with insights into the spiritual and cultural climates of our time, ideas as to how to apply these to your own evangelistic contexts as well as encouragement and refreshment from others involved in mission and evangelism.

Together, it’s time to see things from a new perspective.


Perspective: Talking Mission & Evangelism

Join us online on Saturday, 25 March 2023, 10 – 11.30am

Hosted by Hope Together and the Evangelical Alliance