In a culture that idolises desire but lacks real intimacy, can we tell a better story? And is this possible when some mainstream theology has perpetuated unhelpful conceptions of desire? 

Originally from Sydney, Australia, David Bennett is an author, communicator and scholar currently completing a doctorate in theology at Oxford University. His first book, A War of Loves (2018), describes his own story from atheistic gay activism to becoming a follower of Jesus. 

David chatted with Peter and Jo about the opportunity for our theology and conversations around faith, sexuality and desire to be transformed for good. As someone who is passionate about the potential for people to live and flourish through Jesus’ teaching, listen to David uncover his thinking around the most fundamental part of what makes us human. 

Want to learn more about David Bennett and his work? Visit his website.

ACT I (00:00)

02:51 War of Loves and the missing conversations around sexuality and faith.
07:24 How can we acknowledge the intersection between queer theory and Christianity?
11:30 The strange, disruptive and liberating nature of the holiness of Jesus.
13:45 The church needs to learn the language of culture to embrace the other and seek empathy. 

ACT II (16:47)

17:11 Debunking the myths around the gift of desire.
19:50 Has our theology perpetuated the suppression – rather than re-orientation – of desire?
27:19 The most fundamental part of what makes us human is an innate desire for God.