In a time of fragility around us and within us, from the climate to our identity, how can we live a life with Christ that is both holistic and justice-focused? 

In this episode, Jo and Peter chatted with theologian, former church leader, and director of the One People Commission, Rev Dr Israel Olofinjana. 

Originally from Nigeria, Rev Israel moved to the UK to pursue a calling to be a reverse missionary and has since become a leading figure in the UK church on unity and ethnic diversity. In this interview, hear him draw powerfully from his own story and journey with cultural identity, as well as his current position on climate justice, mental health and creating intercultural safe spaces to tackle racial injustice. 

How can we effectively care for each other and our planet as a unified church? Listen to this essential and timely interview today. 

Want to discover more about Rev Israel, and the work of the Evangelical Alliance’s One People Commission? Visit the website today.

ACT I (00:00)
01:21 Israel’s life-long journey of walking in intercultural spaces and the One People Commission.
05:05 Being Yoruba and black British – the gift of holding dual identities.
09:50 Transforming conversations on climate justice: introducing the green and brown agenda to theology, practice and our own stories.
16:40 How might a theology on rest and redemption influence our approach to creation care?

ACT II (23:17)
23:25 How have certain church traditions and theologies limited an engagement with mental health?
26:45 Power and positioning and its impact on mental health.
29:40 How can we better understand our language around racial justice and apply the US context to our own?
36:00 Growing our cultural intelligence for reconciliation and restorative justice.