The UK evangelical church is blessed with a vibrant tapestry of people from all walks of life, backgrounds and ethnicities.

We celebrate the texture that these expressions of our faith bring and are sensitive to ways of doing church’ which reflect the variety of ethnic backgrounds that we come from. 

But ultimately we are one people, with one voice and one hope. 

While we affirm this diversity, we long to see the church united as one. So we are passionate about building relationships and forming friendships between national leaders from across denominations, of representing the diversity of the evangelical church in the UK and speaking on its behalf to government and the media. 

Because we believe that we, the wonderfully vibrant church, are better together. 

We want to reflect, celebrate and serve the ethnic diversity of the church in the UK by helping to reshape the focus and the feel of the Evangelical Alliance and its membership.

The One People Commission exists to: 

  • acknowledge the ethnic diversity and individuality that exists within the UK church, but by highlighting the importance of coming together as one
  • promote and profile the message of unity through the Evangelical Alliance’s channels and to national leaders
  • help the Evangelical Alliance relate more widely and encouraging others to do the same
  • ensuring the Evangelical Alliance’s Board, Council, staff, national offices and Theology Advisory Group (TAG) better reflect the ethnic diversity of the UK church
  • encourage the Evangelical Alliance to speak out on new issues with new voices
  • help to enlarge the Evangelical Alliance’s membership with a greater ethnic diversity
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Unity in diversity

Unity in diversity

How the One People Commission is working towards unity in the church