Employment and entrepreneurship event: follow-up resources

Intercultural Church Conference (ICC) follow-up resources

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  • Harvey Kwiyani, Multicultural Kingdom: Ethnic Diversity, Mission and the Church, London, SCM Press, 2020
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  • Martyn Snow, An Intercultural Church for a Multicultural World: Reflections on Gift Exchange, London, Church Publishing House, 2024.
  • Intercultural Church and City Transformation Report produced by the Gather Movement and City Transformation, 2024 (attached as PDF)
  • Oxford Journal of Intercultural Mission

Church unity

  • Steve Clifford, One: Unity in Diversity, Oxford, Monarch Books, 2017
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Racial justice

Black-majority churches

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  • Kate Coleman, Leadership in a Racialised World, a video from New Wine, 2021
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Climate justice