Father God, Maker of all things,
King of Heaven, Ruler beyond and within time and space,
We pray for the United Kingdom ahead of the general election,
for women and men of integrity to be selected, and to stand, across the political divides.

We pray protection over their health and families and perseverance amid the pressures of social media and the weight of scrutiny.
May we see a change in the landscape – more examples of character over charisma, humility over hubris, sacrifice over selfishness.

Restore trust, uphold truth and repair the cracked foundations we can see across civic society and public life.
Lift the voices and the standing of the vulnerable, those who are poor, the forgotten and those who are in despair.

Guard us against the twin temptations: to either see politics as our salvation, or to consider it of no concern whatseover. Neither above us, nor below us, help us to be present at the crux of the conversation, at the dinner table, school gates and staff rooms.

Help us to speak and act distinctively, as those full of your love, grace and truth, in person and online.

We give you thanks for all that you have made. Help us to steward well: education, health, social welfare, agriculture, immigration, the economy, policing and security, the arts, foreign policy and aid.

Raise up followers of you in every sphere, public leaders who love you and their neighbours.

Grant us wisdom and discernment, perspective and grace.

Remind us of our calling to be ambassadors of Jesus, active and engaged in these days, but deeply rooted in the hope of your kingdom to come.

Gift us opportunities to share your good news for everyone, in every sphere of life, through your son Jesus Christ.

On earth as it is in Heaven,


Prayer by David Smyth