For month after month those on the frontline of fighting the virus have sacrificially given of themselves. 

Medical staff, carers and others have skillfully and compassionately given all they can for others., 

As weeks turned to months they have become exhausted, emotionally shattered and wounded by the sorrow and death they are surrounded by.

They need our prayers. Please pray each day for those on the front line and take time to bring them before our loving Lord.

Let’s make this a time to pray and bless those who are giving so much.

11 Feb: Grace and love

Lord, we pray for your love to surround all those who are on the frontline during this pandemic.

There are far too many to mention.

Thousands are working beyond their own strength to offer care, compassion and help to others.

Some will be known to us.

May your grace and love surround and sustain each one.

In Jesus’ name,


Take time to pray for your local hospital.

11 Feb: Safety

Lord, many of those on the front line have contracted the virus.

They are dealing with the most vulnerable and desperate and ill people, 

Yet still trying to remain safe.

Lord, we pray for protection and for wisdom.

Keep staff safe we pray.

In Jesus’ name,


Take time in silence to pray for those with the virus.

10 Feb: Peace and protection

Lord, I just saw a nurse in tears on TV.

She trained to be a healer but is seeing so many people die.

It’s taking a huge emotional toll.

I thank you for the compassion and care of so many.

Lord, keep them from being overwhelmed by despair.

Encourage them with signs of your grace.

Grant them peace and protection we pray.

In Jesus’ name,


In silence, pray for protection for all those who work in hospitals and other front line places.

9 Feb: Rest and energy

Lord, many working in hospitals are exhausted,

Working long hours in draining conditions,

Feeling that the number of patients will never slow,

Giving all they can in the midst of terrible sadness and suffering.

Lord, we pray for rest and for renewed energy.

In Jesus’ name,


Let’s spend a little time in silence to reflect and pray.

8 February: Thanksgiving

Lord, we give you thanks for those who are caring sacrificially,

For those who are fighting most to hold back the worst effects of the pandemic,

For all working in hospitals, ambulances, nursing and care homes.

May they know your love today.

In Jesus’ name,


Let’s take a short time of silence to think of those on the front line and give thanks.