Lord Jesus, God incarnate,

You entered into the real world, of dirt and tears, sweat and struggle.
You worked as a carpenter, reflecting your purpose on earth to build your kingdom.
You were part of a family; you understand tension and frustration.
You lived in a time of suffering and challenge.
There is nothing that we face that you do not understand.

Lord, in our world today there is struggle, tension and worry.
We can feel overwhelmed by all that is around us.
Help us to fix our eyes upon you,
knowing that you are always greater than the issues we face.

Lord, in all our relationships, at home or work,
help us to live as salt and light, even when we feel pressurised.
May your Spirit help us to live with integrity, honesty and grace.
Give us a kingdom lifestyle that honours you and points others to your love.

In Jesus’ name,

Fred Drummond, director of prayer and Scotland, Evangelical Alliance