God, holy, sovereign, faithful and generous,
God of truth, God of justice, God of grace.
Yahweh – the one true God.

We worship you as the true and living God.
We pledge our allegiance to you.
We find our identity in you.

We pray now for new governance,
we pray that your will and purpose may prevail,
that our new prime minister will be filled with wisdom and compassion,
that cabinet appointees may have a sense of justice and goodness.

We live in chaotic and confused times,
when not all have fuel to heat their homes,
when not all have a home to heat,
when your world is fractured by war and anxiety.

Lord, in your mercy,
break off fear
and chase away cynicism.
Pour out Your blessing
and release hope.

Restore your kingdom.
Renew our land.
Revive your people.

In the name of Christ whose name we bear. Amen.

Prayer by our UK director Peter Lynas