Across the UK children and young people are taking exams at school and university.

Gracious Lord, you are faithful and loving in all your ways.

Thank you that your love never fails.

Lord, we have all suffered through the last few years, many of us have lost much through the pandemic.

Today, we pray for children and young people.

Many have missed schooling, lost out on opportunities, and lacked growing relationships.

Some have had to postpone starting university and college courses.

Now, we are in exam season again and we pray for those facing tests and exams.

Lord, we pray:

Keep them from anxiety, and stress.

Grant them peace and enable each to do the best they can.

Lord, may each know that your love for them is not based on success but on grace.

May each know that no matter the result, you are for them and that identity and value are based on your love for each one.

Create a generation secure in the knowledge of your love.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer by Fred Drummond, our Scottish director and UK prayer director