Holy and beloved God,

Remember us as we remember the men and women who went to war with full awareness of the cost; many returning wounded, disillusioned or afraid. We pray for veterans, that you would bring restoration and healing to their bodies and minds. Give us the wisdom and heart to receive them with compassion and honour their great sacrifice. May the courage demonstrated by the nations bear witness to the God of hope.

O God, bring unity and peace to our world. Amid suffering and despair, we look to you. As a Good Shepherd, you gather us in your arms and carry us close to your heart. You guide us with your rod and staff through valleys of death into pastures of peace. God, make us receptive to the cross and to the divine revelation of eternity with you.

We lift up servicemen and women who have been overlooked throughout history. We praise you for the way they laid down their lives to protect us. Give us the confidence to defend the defenceless, the fatherless, the forgotten, the poor and the powerless.

Comfort us when we grieve the loss of those we have loved and lost. May your church emerge as a force for compassion, conviction, grace, and peace. May we bring ministry in times of war No matter the size of our influence, give us resilience to combat injustice with devotion to righteousness and truth. Through the death of your Son, you showed us that the greatest love of all is a love that sacrifices for the good of others. In all that we do, may we reflect you.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Written by Shanley McConnell