Help equip the church to share Jesus

Gavin Calver asks for your help

Though 57% of people in England call themselves Christians, just 9% are what we might call practising Christians”. That’s fewer than 1 in 10 people who know Jesus and live out their faith in their daily lives.

Perhaps more worrying still, 54% of non-Christians who know a Christian have never had a conversation with them about Jesus.

Simply put, something must be done. So we need your help to equip the UK Church to communicate the gospel clearly, confidently and powerfully to those who don’t know Jesus — and see people come to faith.

We need your help to provide much-needed services through one website, launching later this year, to equip churches and individuals for mission. Please watch this video of director of mission Gavin Calver speaking about the project.

Please give a gift today to help reach those who need it most. Your gift can help introduce someone to Jesus.